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Offices (16F-30F)

Offices・Conference (5F-22F)

Industry-Academia Collaboration Space (5F-15F)

UDX Clinic Mall(6F)
Conference Floor(5F) UDX Gallery(4F)
Akihabara Convention Hall (2F) UDX Gallery NETX(4F)
The Learning and Creation Space (2F) UDX Theater(4F)


Advanced Knowledge Field(4F)
Akihabara Daibiru Parking (B1F) UDX Open College(4F)


Tokyo Anime Center(4F)


(Special Event Space)






(Cafés and Restaurants)



UDX Parking (B1F/B2F/B3F)



Akihabara Daibiru Building

Offices (16F-30F)

From the 16th floor to the 30st floor of Akihabara Daibiru Building, an office space has been created with a total area of approximated 16,500 ㎡. It offers a comfortable office environment, completely equipped with leading edge information and communications infrastructure and air conditioning systems.

Industry-Academia Collaboration Space(5F-15F)

Set up for Akiba Techno Club members to facilitate industry-academia collaboration, one of the major functions of AKIHABARA CROSSFIELD, it is frequently used for meetings, seminars and other ATC community activities.
(Use restricted to members only)

Conference Floor (5F)

Conference Floor consists of 5 meeting rooms of varying sizes to accommodate a variety of meeting styles and uses. Room space can be split into as many as 9 small rooms or the partitions can be removed for presentations to larger audiences.

Akihabara Convention Hall (2F)

Multipurpose hall (theater) with seating capacity for 450 in a prime location. The hall can be partitioned to create spaces of various sizes to meet a variety of needs, such as lectures, symposia, exhibitions and special events.

The Learning and Creation Space (2F)

The Learning and Creation Space is a layout-free venue located next to the caf?, to be used for special programs and demonstrations of cutting-edge information and manufacturing technologies. It also offers wireless LAN access for workshops employing IT equipment.
(Use restricted to members only)


The Café is equipped with a wireless LAN environment, making? it possible to connect Internet from your own laptop.

Akihabara Daibiru Parking (B1F)

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Offices (5F - 22F)

From the 5th to the 22nd floor of AKIHABARA UDX will be office floors, with an area of approximately 4,800 ㎡ which is one of the largest floor spaces in Japan. Completely equipped with the newest information and communications infrastructure and air conditioning systems, the office space will offer a comfortable workspaces.

UDX Conference (6F)

Conference room rental is located just 2 minutes walk from JR Akihabara station exit“Denkigai Guchi” (Electric Town Exit)
In this facilities, we provide enhanced audio/visual equipments and customers support services to satisfy the needs.

UDX Clinic Mall (6F)

Internal medicine, Dermatology & Dentistry clinics

UDX Gallery(4F)

A new type of exhibition hall filled with natural sunlight. Movable partitions located at two strategic points will enable four different settings within the space, accommodating various functions,such as exhibitions,presentations,seminars,etc.

UDX Gallery NETX (4F)

This facilities are located next to UDX GALLERY, and can be used as a symposium, an exhibition, and a seminar hall. Providing three types of space, 212m2/141m2/141m2、to open symposium, exhibition and seminar workshop. Rooms are facing outside open space and the ceiling height is as high as 4m.

UDX Theater(4F)

Seating 174, the theater is outfitted with leading-edge digital projector(DLP) and 35mm film projector. Besides preview showings of anime and regular films, it can be used for various functions i.e. press release, seminar etc.

UDX Open College (4F)

Providing various programs and lecture regarding “up-to-date science and technology” “business and industry”“new lifestyle and culture” etc. The course is intended for junior, adults, professional separately in accordance with the contents and the aim.

Tokyo Anime Center(4F)

A major center for communicating the latest info on Japanese animation has opened in Akihabara. The entertainment venue offers special animation shows, open recordings, and special events featuring popular voice actors.


This venue, with an open-air ambience created by its 8-meter-high ceiling, can host many events such as new product announcements, exhibitions and fashion and talk shows. Large-scale events can also be organized in conjunction with adjoining Akihabara Convention Hall.


In this facilities, a guide of Akihabara Cross Field, information around Akihabara, and various leaflets of the sightseeing guide of Tokyo are prepared. In addition, we provide internet terminal for easy access to various information.

(Cafés and Restaurants)

AKIBA_ICHI, the restaurant area in Akihabara UDX, was designed to recreate the feeling and style of the Tokyo Kanda Produce Market that was formerly located in Akihabara, and offers a "selected dining" service. Enjoy the market bustle and tastes of the famous restaurateurs of old Tokyo.

UDX Parking (B1F/B2F/B3F)

Single space parking for approx. 800 cars (partially double-parking) 24-hour service
New, IT-based parking service with NTT DoCoMo's e-money cellphone & next-generation ETC (DSRC) system for ticket-free parking, parking space location service with QR code, electronic payment service, etc.

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